Trekking routes

In the National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano, the area identified for our walks is that of Montestella, around this pick offers a number of trails in the territory of several municipalities including: Pollica, San Mauro, montecorice, Sessa Cilento, Castellabate, etc., all characterized by the presence of rural villages in stone, very quaint and quiet, where one experiences a warm yet simple and spiced with sympathetic curiosity.

Olive groves, vineyards and Mediterranean are the frame of these paths. We suggest, in particular, 3 circuits in this area, characterized by: a commitment of about 6/7 hours a day, low difficulty, never cross the same spot, they are designed to support the steps the most scenic in the best moments of the day.

The routes are:

  • The High Street of Montestella, walk 25 KM, villages crossed: Omignano Country, San Mauro Cilento, Galdo, Loc.Monaco, Cannicchio and Acciaroli.
  •  The Way of the Mortella, walk 20 KM, villages crossed: Casalvelino country, Celso, Pollica, Cannicchio and Acciaroli.
  •  The Valley of the Mills, walk 22 KM, villages crossed: San Mauro Cilento, Sessa C., Valle, Lustra, C. Rocca, Rutino.

    We are able to organize groups of people with min.6 Guide, Transfer and packed lunches
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