Blue flag beach

The ancient maritime village of Acciaroli is one of the most important tourist locality long the Cilento Coast: stone alleys cute, geraniums all over the windows, long beaches with fine a clear sand, turquoise and crystalline sea, oasis for peace and beauty, a perfect place where take your holidays. Acciaroli in an hamlet of Pollica municipality, which belong to the association of "Cittáslow" and join the philosophy of a recovered time, where man is still protagonist of the slow and healthy succession of seasons, respectful of citizens'health , the authenticity of products and good food, rich of fascinating craft traditions of valuable works of art, squares, theaters, shops, cafés, restaurants, places of the spirit and unspoiled landscapes, characterized by spontaneity of religious rites, respect of traditions through the joy of a slow and quiet living.

The harbor is characterized by the church dedicated to Santa Maria dell'Acciarolo and the tower that the Normans constructed about the end of the 12th century. All this belonged to the mighty Sanseverino princes of Salerno. Constructed on a square base on the guidelines to an ambitious project to a complex defense system of the coast wanted by the Angioini (Anjou) family, it was indispensable already in the 12th century when Frederick II included it into his system designed to defend the coast against attacks from pirates. The bell tower, the church and the tower in the port have coined the image and become the symbols of this unique touristic location, famous far beyond Italian borders.

From several years Acciaroli has been awarded of 5 Legambiente Sails and Blue Flag Beach based on EU certification by FEE (Fundation for Environmental Education).
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The wonders of the National Park

It is the second largest park in Italy for its territory, along with its extraordinary natural landscapes, where due to its considerable territorial heterogeneity the sea and the mountains are in constant contrast, in a land rich in history and culture. Cilento offers to its visitor an outstanding memorable tour rich in emotions.

The area of Appenine Mountains with three most famous peaks: Gelbison, Cervati and Alburni (its major is the Monte Cervati, 1868mts.), is home to more than three thousand botanical species. Trekking and horseback riding here are the ideal activities. On the coast long sandy beaches alternate with rocks and marine caves offer the best condition to sail, dive, swim and have fun for the younger too: building sandcastle.

Cilento is also characterized by an important system of medieval boroughs nestled on the coastal slopes and a strong geographical and historical individualism. From the Temples of Paestum to the ruins of Velia, town of philosophy and medicine, Pioppi in Pollica Municipality is the homeland of Mediterranean Diet.
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Our routes

In the National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano, the area identified for our walks is that of Montestella, around this pick offers a number of trails in the territory of several municipalities including: Pollica, San Mauro, montecorice, Sessa Cilento, Castellabate, etc., all characterized by the presence of rural villages in stone, very quaint and quiet, where one experiences a warm yet simple and spiced with sympathetic curiosity. Olive groves, vineyards and Mediterranean are the frame of these paths. We suggest, in particular, 3 circuits in this area, characterized by: a commitment of about 6/7 hours a day, low difficulty, never cross the same spot, they are designed to support the steps the most scenic in the best moments of the day.

The routes are:

The High Street of Montestella, walk 25 KM, villages crossed: Omignano Country, San Mauro Cilento, Galdo, Loc.Monaco, Cannicchio and Acciaroli.

The Way of the Mortella, walk 20 KM, villages crossed: Casalvelino country, Celso, Pollica, Cannicchio and Acciaroli.

The Valley of the Mills, walk 22 KM, villages crossed: San Mauro Cilento, Sessa C., Valle, Lustra, C. Rocca, Rutino.

We are able to organize groups of people with min.6 Guide, Transfer and packed lunches.